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FREE CHECKING: Type 61 BASIC CHECKING NOW ACCOUNT: - Type 60 PRIME REWARDS: Type 63 ANGIE'S CHOICE CHECKING: Type 71 REWARDS SHELBY CHECKING: Type 73 BUSINESS CHECKING: Types 65 & 67 MONEY MARKET: Type 75 HOMETOWN MONEY MARKET: Type 76 HOMETOWN IRA MONEY MARKET: Type 80 STATEMENT SAVINGS: Type 01 (KISS)-- KEEP IT SIMPLE SAVINGS: Type 03 KISS SHELBY SAVINGS: Type 04 CHRISTMAS CLUB: Type 11 HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT: Type 68 PUBLIC FUND - Subject to prior approval by First Federal's Board of Directors-Type 66: The interest rates and annual percentage yield(s) are accurate as of June 17, 2020. At our discretion, we may change the interest rate(s) on each account daily. Each account may have a tiered interest rate. Subject to First Federal domicile requirement. Depositors must be domiciled in Shelby, Decatur or contiguous counties excluding Marion. See the Truth in Savings disclosure for each account for the complete terms and conditions.


Limits and fees - The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account:
ATM & Debit Card-Issuance Upon Qualification
ATM Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit $200.00
Debit Card Daily Transaction Limit $1,000.00
ATM & Debit Card- Replace Card $5.00
Account Status Activity Printout/Teller $0.50
Account Research-Per Hour
*Minimum $10.00
Account Reconciliation Service-Per Hour
*Minimum $10.00
Check Printing - Fee depends on style of checks ordered - Varies
Copies of Canceled Checks
*one (1) free per month
$2.50 each
Internet Banking $0.00
Dollar Limit per day $9,999.99
Bill Pay
Standard Delivery - No Charge $0.00
Rush Delivery $14.95
Pop Money - Next Day
Transaction Fee per transaction $0.50
Daily Limit $100.00
Outstanding Limit $100.00
Monthly Limit $400.00
Pop Money - Standard - Third business day
Transaction Fee per transaction $0.50
Daily Limit $1,000.00
Outstanding Limits $1,000.00
Monthly Limits $4,000.00
Night Deposit Bag - per bag $20.00
Night Deposit Bag - replace or lost $20.00
Night Deposit Key $2.00
Night Depository Service No Charge
Insufficient Funds (each) $30.00
Overdraft Protection
(ODP) Paid Item Charge (each) $30.00
Overdraft (each overdraft paid) $30.00
Insufficient Funds, Overdraft Protection (ODP), Paid Item Charge & Overdrafts (daily maximum) $120.00
Returned ACH/Checks Deposited or Cashed $5.00
Return of cleared checks with monthly statements
Basic Checking Image of checks
Free Checking None
Shelby Rewards Checking Image of checks
Angies Choice Checking Image of checks
Prime Rewards Checking Image of checks
Business-Organization Ck Image of checks
Money Market Image of checks
Health Savings Account Image of checks
Special Account Statement - Per Statement $5.00
Stop Payment - per request $10.00
Stop payment renewal - per request $10.00
Sweep Transfer Fee - per sweep for each check $5.00
Telephone Transfer from Checking or Savings (called directly to FF) per transaction $1.00
24 Hour Direct Teller Telephone- 833-838-1348
Fax Copy of Statement $2.00
Fax Last 30 Days History $2.00
Dormant Account - per month $0.75


Cashier's Check $3.00
Check Cashing
Per check-qualified non customer $5.00
Tax Refund Check-qualified non customer $20.00
Coin Counting Service- Customers Only
Money Deposited No Charge
Money Not Deposited (Minimum $5.00) - 10% of counted money
Fax Machine
Send - 1st copy $5.00
Send - Each Additional $1.00
Receive - First Copy $1.00
Receive - Each Additional Copy $0.50
Garnishments $10.00
Levies $10.00
Notary Public - Customer No Charge
Notary Public - Non-Customer $1.00
Photo Copies - per page $0.25
Safe Deposit Boxes
Sizes 3" X 5" Through 10" X 11" Subject to Availability Contact Us for Specific Rental Rates
One Lost Key $10.00
Vault Drilling $85.00
Automatic Charge to Your Account Available at No Charge
Wire Transfer (incoming ) $20.00
Wire Transfer (outgoing) $20.00
International wire transfer $28.00
                Greensburg - Downtown
                212 North Franklin Street
                Greensburg, IN  47240
Greensburg - Retail Sales Office - by Walmart
                460 Greensburg Crossing
                Greensburg, IN  47240
                Shelbyville - on the square
                25 Public Square
                Shelbyville,  IN  46176

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