On Monday, November 6, First Federal launched our new “Teller software upgrade”.
  1. Your old password will be invalid – your temporary password will be the last five digits of your social security number. The first time you log in to the new system you will be prompted to change/ customize your password.
  2. If you try to use your “old system password” you will be locked out and will need to contact us. (812) 663-6793, or (317) 398-7670, or (877) 269-6648
  3. Electronic banking account detail will only build prospectively
    • Detail after November 3, and current month E-statements forward
    • Your account detail prior to November 3 will be available by contacting us, it will not be available on line…
    • Note: This includes cleared check images and statements.
  4. Bill Pay Customers: previously established payees automatically convert over
    • One time and recurring payments will also convert.

The new system has all the modern features our old system has been lacking.  Shortly after the conversion we will be introducing a new iPhone app and remote deposit capture.  These features have been designed and will be used in test mode by employees in November.  It is anticipated that they will be available to our customers by the beginning of 2018.

Major factor of reassurance!

We are continuing on with our current ATM/ Debit Card software provider, so there will be no interruption of functionality for your current card;  your PIN will also be the same...

Rest assured our entire experienced staff have put Herculean effort into the data conversion mapping;  and we will have a dozen member Fiserv conversion specialist support team on location the first week to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

Thank you for your long term trust and patience while we modernize our electronic product offering.

p.s.  To avoid confusion the new Fiserv system will issue the 1099’s and 1098’s with the annual interest earned or paid on one form.

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